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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shopping for Gaza

Being in Dubai and feeling helpless about helping out our brothers and sisters in Gaza, I decided not just to give-away cash (usually easiest thing to do). I wanted to feel more invloved.

Thankfuly, Aramex has arranged a donations collection point at Mall of the Emriates (and other places all over the UAE) till Jan 11th. Helping out can never be any easier.

You can do it too.

Just copy paste the stuff I bought today. You can add/remove to it whatever you wish. I also made a scan of the recipts, click on the image to enlarge, print and use it as a shopping list. I got everything from Carrefour at MoE.

The List:

Panadol Baby & Infant 100ml
Betadine Antiseptic Solution 500ml
Calpol Child Cough/Cold Syrup
Nestle Guigoz Baby Milk (from 6 months)
Nestle Cerelac Milk & Wheat
SebaMed Baby cream - Daiper Rash
Panadol Tablets
Dr. Johnson Baby bottles Sterilizing solution
Bell's Antiseptic Cream 30ml
Bell's Epix Antiseptic Disinfectant 200ml
Bells Iodine Disinfectant 25ml

Cotton Balls
Band-Aid Plaster
Lion Heat Patch (Joints and muscle pain)
Bayer Aspirin
Green Cross Rubbing Alcohol
Vick's VapoRub or Mentholatum
Blankets (at carrefour for Dhs 22 only)
Baby Diapers..

Please add more to this list.... Help others shop for Gaza


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