Dubai Consumer Mirror

Monday, September 12, 2005


From 7days today:

"Dubai Transport has raised taxi prices, according to Al Bayan. The price per kilometre has been increased by six per cent from dhs1.51 to dhs1.60. The pickup fee at the airport has also been hiked from dhs20 to dhs26."

Majority of cab companies treat their divers like crap; when you make a booking it takes the car a good 30 minutes to get to your location, they are never around when you need one. If thats the case, why Dubai cabs are more expensive than Sharja ones?

"The company blamed the increases on the rise in petrol prices. The company said it had no plans to increase the price of bus tickets."

Phew .. thats a relief! i thought they increased it to cover their drivers' medical bills to cure them from severe psycho-issues due to 1) getting stuck in traffic for 18hrs a day 2) being treated like humanity rejects and lowest form of life and 3) trying to figure out the Jabal Ali Gardens roads!

But have no fear my friends. These new prices will not last for long. The not-so anticipated remaining 30% fuel price increase is coming soon to a gas station near you.


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