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Friday, January 09, 2009

Desperately needed food items for Gaza

People, remember my last post on shopping for Gaza?
Here is another handy one from this facebook group

When Shopping for Gaza, please bare in mind that Israel will not allow the entry of:
- Red meat canned food of any type: mortadella, corned beef or beef hot dogs. Chicken or or any fish (tuna, sardines) is OK!
- Salt <- NO SALT is allowed
- Items made in Syria/Lebanon..

A few tips I learned as well:

- Get value packaged items and promotional offers, its quantity that counts at the moment.- Expiry date should be no less than 6 months
- Avoid foodstuff in glass jars and fragile packaging, they might break during transport.
- if you want to get sweets for the children, chocolate might melt during transport. Get candy or biscuits.

If you have a couple of extra dirhams on you to spend, hospitals are in dire need of crutches and wheel chairs. Perhaps a group of 5 people can collectively donate a single wheel-chair. Its relativly in expensive: About Dhs 350 a pop

Get those shopping carts rolling!


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