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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I hate parking lots!

Whether they are paid parking or not, that doesn't stop those morons who can't get enough satisfaction unless they cause damage to 1 car at least.

Once i was in my car waiting in front of an EPPCO supermarket .. a guy parked his car to the right of mine. Few seconds later, i hear a large thud and the car swayed sideways! I roll down my passenger window to witness the guy's shock to know that someone was inside that car he just redecorated its side door.

He looks at me with a wide grin along with the typical (sideways head nudge) and the "sorry for screwing your car/temper/day/mood" hand greeting you usually see when someone cuts you off while on the road.

I didn't know what to do. Should I redecorate his face using the same door he just dented? call the police and spend 45 minutes filing a complaint for a Dhs 500 paint job? or should i just apply the good ol' Hammurabi's doctrine of Eye for an Eye and do the same to his car?

After hyperventilating for good 10 seconds ... I decided to bite the bullet and add the new dent to my collection of scratches all over my car's 4 corners, doors, fenders and trunk...


  • Hmm...the agony of parking your car,and leaving it at the mercy of people who park at amazing angles.Ever noticed how in the olden days you had to take the phone to your ear to speak into it ,but these days they have become appendages,a sort of growth on ur ear,like a wart?I envy these people who have now to be plugged into their navigational software so that they can park their car at least.But apparently it doesnt seem to cover the opening of their doors and smashing it into yours.While you are still in the car,or even rushing back from buying that packet of milk which took 20 minutes because dear old Carrefoure has all the items but seldom priced.Then if you are lucky its not one of these pretending to be local ladies(the non emarati ones married to locals,or even sleeping with them thereby allowing them usage of certain accomodation and vehicle privelages-while still in favour-because the attitude that comes with the apparent apparel and the language that ensues from that 1 kg of lipglossed lips shall leave u shaking for an hour.Not because one is so great as to turn the other cheek,or ignorant not to know a few choice profanities oneself but mostly because there are small children in the car and they dont really need oral MARDI GRAS.

    By Blogger kaya, at September 19, 2005 at 11:01 AM  

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