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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big Boss no more

I should be back to my normal blogging behavior (frequency) very soon. The new dude whose role I was covering for the past 2 months, will be on board next Sunday. Man, if he only knew what he is in for :)

I met him and he seems like a nice guy. Quite senior though, senior enough to make a gap between him and the team he will look after.

I have to say it though, I enjoyed bossing 6 people around. In what i do, I don't have (or need) any subordinates to report to me. I have agencies that I deal with. So, for whatever work-related tasks I need, I get the agency to do it - which aint bad a deal at all y'all.

Now its time to check out all the cool bloggers I haven't seen in a long long time :)


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