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Monday, June 12, 2006

Death of a Tele-Salesman

A few pointers to all cold-callers out there:

Try to find out a bit more about the company you are calling. Knowing the company's name helps as well.

Try to find out a bit more about who is it that you talking to, some chaps do get a bit sensitive when your fax to them starts with "Dear Ms...."

Don't worry about calling someone on his/her mobile. Most companies today pay for their employees mobile lines - just don't ring once or leave missed calls in odd hours.

Try to find out what are the working hours/days of the people you are calling. Its really annoying when you are trying to sell someone something with the sound of his crying baby in the background.

If the person you are calling doesn't return you 27th voice mail, them most likely, the person does not and will not buy what you trying to sell.

Good luck..


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