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Friday, June 09, 2006

Snapping photos for the police

If you don't read Arabic, then here is the deal. According to this story, Dubai Police will start using mobile phones to issue traffic violation tickets.

I saw the report on Dubai TV news last night. A cop was snapping photos of violating vehicles (double parking, parking on pavement ..etc). Then the cop MMSed the image to a Dubai Police server where violations are issued, archived and shown to the violator as proof/evidence.

This is great on various levels. Dubai Police will be saving cost (and trees) on all those 4-copy ticket slips they fill up everyday by making the entire process digital. The process will literally take seconds from the moment of detection, give them room to hunt down more violators, and when violations make their way to the central system, Ticket removing wasta won't be of much use at that stage ;)

Now, having said that, I would like to propose to Dubai Police to open up this service to the public. I have MMS on my phone and I see a whole load of morons-on-wheels every day. If that happens, then everyone will be a police officer. Morons, will end up thinking 10 times before they park in a handicapped-allocated parking space or double parking :)


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