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Friday, July 07, 2006

Who is the boss?

Don't know if you remember this, but I’ve been doing 2 jobs for the past 2 to 3 months. Mine and the one my old boss had after she decided to walk out.

Things were good at work during that period, not because I am a kick-ass manager, but I think my lassie-fair approach paid off. Letting everyone in the team do what they do best.

Anyhoo, the new manager joined this week and I had a long 4hr handover session with him. All the INs and OUTs, the team he will be working with, budgets, objectives, head office politics ... bla bla bla. He said that he will rely on me for sometime till things are running smoothly, which is expected and I also think its pretty decent opportunity to show the new guy that I gotz skiiillz.

The new guy looks cool. He is decent, down to earth and when it comes to the business, he sure knows what he is talking about. He has young kids, and like myself, loves fast bikes and muscle cars. Oh, i also found out that the new car I got few months back is his dream car. (more brownie points for me i guess ;) )

Most of the team members are relatively young and I am closer to the new manager's age group than anyone else. So, I guess we have more common stuff to talk about than anyone else.

But here is the twist: because I was spending extra time with the new guy, I am starting to think that the rest of the team are getting a bit iffy about it. I don't know what you call it; professional jealousy, corporate envy ... whatever it is, its damn annoying.

What the team doesn't know is that most of what he was talking about was actually them; their problems, their aspirations and how can he help them grow and be happier.

Lets hope its just a phase...


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