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Monday, January 01, 2007

Its 2007... so?

My wife asked me this morning what am I gonna cover in my first post in 2007...

Simple question, but I didn't know what to answer.

I was thinking of going on and on about how 2006 was and how I plan to make things better for me in 2007...bla bla blaaaa.. bla bla ... but that would be too lame

I was thinking of doing a post on self proclaimed "best of the best of 2006 posts" on my blog .. but that'd be too uncreative - and borderline vain

I thought of talking about the ridiculous traffic condition of Dubai's streets and highways last night, the crazy-ass driving and the lack of parking spaces in most decent venues... but again, that’s how it is everyday, so where is the news..

I thought of whining about the absurdly expensive and poorly serviced "new year's eve" packages that were planned this (last) year, but that'd be too ... umm... Expat-ish

I thought about writing on Saddam's execution. But my emotions about that event are so mixed, the post would end up being be too confusing..

I thought about telling what I did last night, which was nothing (I was the only one online on my MSN messenger list), but again, that would be too boring ..

I guess, I have nothing to else to tell you but for 2007:

Be good
Give more than you can take
Remember God
Don't waste food
Treat everyone the way you want to be treated
Be polite when you are behind the driving wheel, you could be saving someone's life
Respect older people, even if you think you earn more than they do
Call your parents more; if you can't, then pray more for them

Happy 2007...


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