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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Its been a while

I know ... believe it or not, i actually do miss blogging. It felt nice back when i started this blog over 2 years ago (or was it three?) .. man its been long!.

Anyhoo... lots has happened. Things at home are well. Work has been crazy and its about the only things thats really keeping me away from doing the blog thing. I've been traveling like crazy. As a matter of fact, whenever i have a chance NOT to travel, i take it. I am just sick of flying around.

Facebook things has slowed down a bit. Faster then I thought, to be honest. But i still use it. I am glad i got in touch with all those people on Facebook. Loads of old friends, personal and busienss contacts, all in once place. I am actually making facebook work for me, for a change.

So, what has happened in the past couple of months?

Lets see.. I've been to Morocco for the first time of my life. Casablanca was nice. Nothing much to do. Not like Marakech, i was told. But it was OK. One thing about going there i did not expect. Since i landed at the airpot, almost everyone i met asked me for tips! "Ikramiyeh", they call it.

I am used to that in when i visit Syria or Egypt. But didn't think it was common in Morocco. And the funny thing, the people you'd expect them to ask you for it, like bell boys, limo drivers, meet and greet...etc never asked for any tips.

Oh well, one learns something new everyday.

What else, Oh yeah .. prices of EVERYTHING are going up. I've been hearing horror stories about prices of things double in a matter of weeks.

Lebanon is in a big mess, hope they sort their shit out. I like Beirut and I'd really want to have the chance to keep on visiting it again. Haven't been there in almost 10 months now.

I think i will disable the comment on this blog. I know its against everything blogging is about. But i wanna own this space for some time. I feel as it its been hijacked from me.

Thats about it ..