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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cross Communications

I was dealing remotely with a colleague in another office outside the UAE. Other colleagues warned me that people from that particular branch office are very full of themselves. And she was no exception.

I never met the lady in person. Only on email and conference calls. She was very opinionated and always wanted to have the final word on every step of the project. She would send long flaming mails, bossing everyone around and always tried to undermine everyone, especially yours truly.

But her attempts kept getting blocked because I kinda outranked her. But she never gave up, even when met in person for the first time:

Me (with a genuine smile): Hello, its Mory from the Dubai office. We finally meet in person
Her (with a demeaning look): Hi. I didn't think you are THAT young...
Me: Oh... and I didn't think you were THAT old.

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