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Monday, February 25, 2008

Collective Communal Stupidity

What a way to start a morning. In GulfNews this morning i read this story.

Stupid idiotic bus driver drops a 5yr old girl on the other of the street across her home, expecting her to know how to cross it, instead of him taking the next U turn that's only 300m away.

Stupid idiotic bus driver asks if any of the students can volunteer to help the 5yr old cross the street. A 14yr old comes forward, instead of him [the driver] getting off his lazy ass to do so.

Stupid idiotic mother waiting on the other side of the streets instead of waiting were the stupid idiotic bus drops her child.

Stupid idiotic speeding driver hits the 2 innocent girls in front of the mother, the driver and all the other school kids on the bus.

Stupid idiotic news article that totally disregards the role of the speeding Stupid idiotic driver in accidents... I wonder why.

Those 2 girls were victims of our own collective communal stupidity...

May their souls rest in peace.