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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Riyadh - unforgettable moments

I flew in from Saudi this morning ...

Yesterday I ran three back-to-back 2hr long training sessions to our Saudi sales force. Had about 30 people in each session and man I was drained.. But that was the boring part..

Last night, a friend picked me up to go have dinner. On the way and at one of the red lights, I saw a women sitting next to her husband in the car next to our’s. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a seat belt but her husband did.

Me: umm.. isn't it mandatory for people to wear seatbelts here?
Friend: Yes…
Me (in a disinterested tone): this women isn't wearing hers .. her hubby will get a ticket.
Friend: neeh... he won't
Me (ok, now I am interested): shme3na? [why not]
Friends: Here, if a woman is sitting in the front seat, she should not wear the seat belt.
Me: And why not?
Friend: Because if she does, the seat belt coming across her torso, will outline her boobs and the religious police might arrest both of them..
Me: (silence)


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