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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Year's Question

Its THAT time of the year again. The time everyone asks you "whats up for new year?". I don't mind getting asked every five minutes by every phone call or everyone I bump into in the street. What i do mind is when I am judged, assessed or evaluated based on how much money am gonna be spending for a "11:00pm to 1:00 am" gig on that night.

I also hate it when I get that sympathetic face if my answer was anything near "am gonna stay home and chill out with the family" - which, most probably, will be the case this year.

So, since everyone is really trying and working really hard to know what your's truely will be doing for new years, I think its a shame to have all this inquisitive energy go to waste.

I know i can redirect it to make the best out of it .. for example, i can use it to:

Get things done for me
Cool friend: What are you doing for new years ya man?
me: wallah no plans yet
Cool friend: walla yhemmak ya man (don't sweat it), i made bookings at this great place - Dhs 400 per person and counted you and the Mrs. in.
me: Sweet!

Bust a wannabe's chops
Wannabe-cool friend: SUP MAN, NEW YEARS IS GOING DOWN - i booked at this ultra cool place for 1000 dirhams a pop. I am inviting ALL my wasta friends, and there iz gonna be hoes and sh!t..what are you doin?
Me: My best friend, the Egyptian pop singer, will be in town. So he made reservations in Boudoir for Dhs 2500 per person along with his other celeb friends. Most of the hot models from his latest video clip will be there. My singer friend also told me that all the models are planning a wet t-shirt contest at 12...
*Wannabe-cool friend turning green*

Get ahead in my career
Boss: What are you doing for new years?
me: Well sir, you know i moved to a new house, i don't think i can party cause my back hurts from sleeping on the floor. I also need to save money for the new baby we are expecting.. And my car is still in the garage .... and..
Boss: Pass by my office later today .. its time we discuss your appraisal and promotion

Get Parental Support
Dad:what are you gonna do for new years baba?
Me: Anything low profile, you know i don't have money and everything is expensive in dubai, rent, dewa ... etc
Dad: Don't worry my son, i will wire you some money this afternoon - make sure you enjoy your time

Me: i love you baba!

Make a good impression
Conservative friend: Assalamo 3alaikom, what will you do in the upcoming vacation my brother?
Me: I will sit back and think of all the bad things i did, what could I've done to avoid them and focus on helping my fellow brothers and sisters around the world

Conservative friend: baraka allahu feek (god bless you) - we need more believers like you

Dodge work deadlines
Client: I need (delivery, report, mail, files..etc) ASAP
me: But sir, you know that its new years and most people took xmas all the way to new years as holiday. No one is getting back to me ... i have been trying really hard.
Client: Oh, its not a problem then - happy new year

Any more ideas?


  • Adaptation is one of the best qualities that we have as humans.

    By Blogger BuJ, at December 30, 2005 at 1:17 AM  

  • I personally do not feel obligated to explain my New Years Eve antics to anyone.
    It is the only night of the whole year when I totally have a party. I mean totally. I eat my favourite food, I dance (sometimes on the table) and I do all of this at the venue of my choice with the people I WANT to be with.
    I do not make any excuses to anyone for my absence at their 'functions'. They can all foff for all I care. I wait the entire year for this and spend the whole day preparing for it as well, and spend the next day asleep, recovering.

    Lots of people I know are staying home this year, having a quiet night in, and I say good for them, no one should feel that they HAVE to do something. Since I do that all year long, I turn into a true party animal on 31st Dec.

    Have a good time Mr & Mrs M, and happy new year (last one without extensions....hehe...just thought I would remind you)

    By Blogger CG, at December 30, 2005 at 1:21 PM  

  • BuJ - true everyone has a unique approach to adaptation ..

    CG - thank u darling - wishing you and your family the best in 2006.

    By Blogger moryarti, at December 30, 2005 at 4:34 PM  

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