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Monday, November 28, 2005

Dubai Red Bull Flugtag 2005

I've been willing to post this earlier, but this whole tremor thing delayed my Dubai Red Bull Flugtag blog project. Don't have much to say, mainly photos to share with you.
We had a great time. The event was packed, I read in the papers next day that 35,000 people were there. Park must have been a disaster. Thankfully, Mrs. Moryarti recieved VIP invitations that came with a special parking pass (I love my wife!).
Anyhow, we got to the "Red Bull VIP lounge" and we were escorted in. The "lounge" was really nice .. free drinks, grilled burgers, stakes and hot dogs. There were Salad and desert bars, cushions, stools, tables, and (naturally) mountains of Red Bull cans were given away!

Knowing that i was destined to see things/people that could be "interesting", i got my camera along...

Welcoming committee: ladies were friendly - didn't see them do much, they were just friendly.

This guy i couldn't understand.. check out the logo on his cap, very courteous of him, NOT

I guess they were trying to have a yabadabado time ..

The Mexican mariachi was there ... all the way from Madras! ;)

"yah man! we gots to beat da white man - we need a navagashon to win da revoloshon!"

And guess who was sponsoring this team..

I thought this was a rated "G" event!

A couple of Ali baba's and a genie ?!

I couldn't figure these guys out ...

Cricket playing sumo wrestlers

Graduates, a Santa and an Austin Powers look-alike?

Dubai's version of the Village People..

The Cotton-eye Joe's in action..

Let the games begin: Thats one big mean "LOVE" machine!

That must hurt!

And they were all falling ..

and falling ..

and falling..

and falling..

and falling..

into the water...


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