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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I did something wrong yesterday

Since babygirl arrived, we have been spending more days at home. Yesterday was an exception. Mother-in-law asked to have babygirl for the afternoon. We thought that would be a great chance to grab an early movie.

Arrived to Grand Ciniplex at around 4:30 pm and the typically busy parking lot was almost empty. I drive into the lot behind a silver Prado. Suddenly the Prado driver slows down and decides to make a very inconvenient maneuver to squeeze his SUV in a space that can barely fit a Mini Cooper.

The secret to his persistence is that the tiny parking space was on the front raw parking opposite to the entrance.

Anyhow, I overtook the Prado and parked a few feet away and observed the Prado diver trying, trying and trying to finaly give up on that tiny space. He found another one and we watched in shock as he literally scratched his way into the other parking space and redecorated the left back fender of a brand new Land Cruiser.

Where did I go wrong? I should've photographed the thing and reported that moron-on-wheels to the police or even left a note to the unfortunate Land Cruiser's owner.

But I didn't and I am so sorry...


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