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Friday, September 15, 2006

Arabic media at its best

Apologies in advance to non-Arabic speakers .. I translated a few snippets of this highly intellectual, thought provoking and mind stimulating debate.

Location: Orbit Studios - Cairo Today production set
Program Hosts: Amr Adeeb and Ahmad Moussa
Participating Guests: Dr. Abulhamid Kandeel, Chief Editor of Al Karama newspaper (opposition) and Mr. Karam Jabr (Gabr), Head of pro-government Rose El Youssef magazine.

Topic: Opposition Press Insulting the Egyptian President

The whole thing started when Kandeel started his opening speech with a fierce verbal barrage on the Egyptian el Presidente.

إنه -قنديل - يستيقظ كل صباح "حاطط الرئيس في دماغه يترصد له كل كلمة يقولها ولا أعرف كيف دخل أمثاله هذا المجال، إن هذا يشعرنا بالعار

Gabr: " He (Kandeel) wakes up everyday with nothing but the president and what on his mind … I don't know how did the likes of this person entered this field (journalism). This is shameful"

لم آت من مباحث أمن الدولة مثلك

Kandeel: "…I am not graduate from Mabaheth Amn Dawla (Intelligence/secret service)!" (Indicating that Gabr is a government informant)

الدولة لا تتشرف بأمثالك، الذين يبيعون ضمائرهم لأي دولة، خاصة الشنط اللي بتروح تجيبها من ليبيا وترجع

Gabr: "the country is not honored by the likes of yourself who sell their souls to any country, especially with those suitcases that you bring along from Libya!"

أمال هتتشرف بيك أنت وأشكالك، والشنط اللي بتقول إني بأرجع بها تعرفها مباحث أمن الدولة، واتحداهم أن يثبتوا ذلك، لأن كلهم في جزمتي

Kandeel: " Do you think the county is honored by people like you? and those bags which you are talking about, Mabaheth Amn Dawla know all about them and i challenge them to prove anything because they are all in my shoe" (that’s an All-Egyptian-style street insult)

عندما تقول إنك تتقيأ من الرئيس فإن الشعب كله يتقيأ منك لأنك شبهة في هذا البلد لأنك عميل للدول الأخري.. للعراق وليبيا

Gabr: When you say that the president makes you sick.... well the entire people is revolted by you because you are a suspicious character in this country. You are an agent to other states .. to Iraq and Libya..!"

أسمع حشرة تتحدث الآن.. انت اسمك إيه

Kandeel: I hear a bug speaking now .. what’s your name? (its like saying: Who the hell are you)

اسمي أشرف من اسمك، لأنك طبيب بيطري ومكانك في حديقة الحيوانات لتكشف عليهم

Gabr: " name is more honorable than your but cause you are a veterinarian and you belong to a zoo to inspect animals!"

يعني أكشف عليك

Kandeel: " ..want me to inspect you?" (hehehee... good one :) )

Then then kept exchaing profenity for some time.. one saying to the other that he bleongs to a barn, then other saying he should be a mental hospital... bla bla

مخبر حقير وليس صحفياً

Kandeel: "You are a low life informant and not a reporter!"

أنا طبيب بشري يا حمار.. وطالع الأول في الثانوية العامة يا جاهل هناك نوعان من الصحافة.. صحافة الأحرار وصحافة العبيد وكرم من الثانية

Kandeel: I am a physician you jack ass, not a vet and I ranked top of my class in higt school you moron.... There are two types of press. Journalists of the free and another one for the slaves. Karam belongs to the latter.

According to news, both journalists are being reprimanded by the Egyptian Press Syndicate. You can see the whole escapade live
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