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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A two-day weekend

Seems like the good doctor is seriously considering forcing private sector bosses to grant their overworked and underpaid slav…err… I mean employees a much longed for two-days weekend.

Given the way some private firms think, here is a quick dodge-the-new-law maneuver which I bet most 1-day weekend companies will rollout..

Labor Contract: pre new compulsory 2 day weekend law

Working days: 6 days a week
Basic Salary: Dhs 4000
Allowances: Dhs 1000
Total: Dhs 5000

Same labor contract: post new compulsory 2 day weekend law

Working days: 5 days a week + 1 day overtime
Basic Salary: Dhs 3500
Allowance Dhs 1000
Overtime: Dhs 500
Total: Dhs 5000

Wanna bet?


  • I totally support you Moryarti...

    Moryarti: The new 2-weekend low (Friday & Saturday) not yet implemented in Kuwait
    However, I was really wondering how the calculation will be when it is implemented especially for the governmental sectors since there weekend starts from Wednesday 11:30 am until Saturday If you know what I mean !!? 

    I think the following scenario is going to happen when the government implements the new labor low:

    Governmental sectors:
    1.Wednesday: it will be the same normal 8 hours working day from 8:00 am till 11:30am :)the same habit the Kuwaiti generation is taking over each other year after year
    2.Thursday: OFF + plus KD 100 overtime although it is an official working day but (shuensawe lazem enroo7 el chalet in khairan o engez) :):)
    3.Friday: Off
    4.Saturday: Off (methel ma tabi el 7okoma, e7na 7ankhalef el 7okoma!?) :):)

    Total Weekends for governmental sectors: 3 days and a half + KD 100 extra income :)

    Private sectors:
    1.Wednesday: normal working day as it was before implementing the new low
    2.Thursday: it was half working day for most of the private sectors it will become 8 hours working day without 1 hour break to compensate the extra day off + no overtime allowance as well :)
    3.Friday: Off
    4.Saturday: not sure :) maybe half working day or maybe off

    Therefore, can you guess who will be the winner in that case? :)

    Moryarti wanna bet!

    By Blogger blogyanonymous, at September 18, 2006 at 10:13 AM  

  • Don't hold your breath Moryati, they're only "studying the possibility" of a two day weekend.

    And the consultative committee includes businessmen who "will have the opportunity to voice their interests and concerns..."

    Can you imagine building sites being deserted for two days a week?!

    By Blogger Seabee, at September 18, 2006 at 5:39 PM  

  • For many industries, the 2-day weekend is applicable only for the top management.
    Even Govt organisations like Dubai Ports World follows different policies for different levels of employees.

    By Blogger Woke, at September 18, 2006 at 5:52 PM  

  • true

    By Anonymous spammy, at September 21, 2006 at 10:20 AM  

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