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Friday, July 27, 2007

Where you on SZR last friday afternoon?

Nevermind those morons-on-wheels featured everyday in the now-almost-redundant-could-have-killed-someone page in Emirates today.

A John Doe driver of a white Toyota Previa is the real deal:

Dubai - A Dubai resident has described his horror after a “cold-blooded” driver rammed him off the road and drove off almost killing him and his pregnant wife. Nawras Sawalha has now appealed for eyewitnesses to the incident to help him find the driver so that he can be kept off the roads.

“This crazy driver could have killed us or could kill other people. My aim is to track him down and save others from tragedy,” said Sawalha, a PR manager based in Dubai. The incident happened last Friday afternoon when Sawalha, his pregnant wife and his sister-in-law were driving towards Wafi City on Sheikh Rashid Road.

Sawalha told 7DAYS that a male driver, in a white Toyota Previa, started flashing his lights and driving a few inches behind his car. “He was trying to race past me. I had nowhere to move to due to the traffic. Before I could get out of his way he deliberately rammed into the rear of my car,” said Sawalha.

His vehicle careered off the road due to the force of the impact and smashed into three street lights and a traffic sign before coming to a stop at the side of the road.

The tyres exploded, the axle was broken and the car was almost completely destroyed, Sawalha said.“All of us, thankfully, were wearing our seatbelts which saved us from death. The driver was in such a hurry that he just drove off without bothering to see what happened to us. He was so cold-blooded about this. Not only does he ram us off the road, but then drives off without caring. He is a maniac,” said Sawalha.

The family was in such shock that no one could remember the other driver’s number plate so have been unable to file an official complaint with police.

They are now desperately seeking any eyewitnesses who may have seen the speeding car. “We want to appeal to anyone who may have seen the car or noted the plate number to help us locate this person.

He could have killed us all,” said Sawalha.

Seriously, if anyone was there during this incident and can provide any detail, call it in on the Traffic Police Hotline on 800 4353!

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