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Friday, October 03, 2008

Inside The Atlantis

Ok, I have to admit it. Atlantis is photography beginners' heaven. Nobs, like yours truly, can workout their shooting skills, composition, tryout different settings and lighting conditions. Also, the place is huge. You can spend a whole day wandering around and still won't cover the whole resort. With every corner packed with rich detail and color, that gives you great choice for close-ups, landscapes, portraits... etc.

The place is really nice btw... here are some shots.

These 4 were at the entrance in the lobby... notice the attention to detail

This is the main aquarium. And by the way, I took more closeups of the different marine life which i will post more later.

There are many restaurants in the place. We had dinner at the Levantine. As usual, i will review the place for you as well. ;)

There is a Mall at the ground level. The shops are all of high-street brands .. so, you won't be seeing me there too often.

This glass artcraft is located at the centre of the main lobby. It looks amazing.

To me, it looks like an exploding water fountain with different sea creatures that can be seen all over the colorful swirly waves... In the photo above, you can notice the yellow-ish baby octopus.
Hope i didn't bore you to death with all these pics... Again, your feedback always highly appreciated.


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