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Monday, March 09, 2009

Drama Queens

There is a handful of friends on my facebook that one can safely describe, thgouth their status updates and news feeds, as a bit melodramatic. Frankly speaking, I do not mind the occasional oh-maaa-god-i-am-like-so-whatevaaa status updates. We all have our moments.

But this one particular person -whom we shall name Debby- takes 'drama' to a whole new multi-dimensional level. I took a snapshot of some all her status updates in the past few weeks.

[Debby Downer] is sad that poor [son] is sooo under the weather :((
Mar 5
[Debby Downer] would LOVE to relax on the beach ALONE no kids allowed.
Feb 28
[Debby Downer] is missing her whole [city] experience :(.
Feb 27
[Debby Downer] needs to catch the momentum once again, after recovering from 104 fever, followed by throat infection and now dealing with a very painful pink eye !!!
Feb 22
[Debby Downer] is totally not looking forward to tomorrow :(.
Feb 21
[Debby Downer] is very sick in bed with an incredibly high fever of over 104.
Feb 18
[Debby Downer] is feeling a huge loss. (Ed note: Guess what was the "huge loss"? the better half is going away on business travel!)
Feb 2
[Debby Downer] is wondering how ?
Jan 23
[Debby Downer] is soooo disappointed with stupid dish network and having to watch a cut up episode via antena of greys, a really intense episode of greys, umph umph umph.
Jan 18
[Debby Downer] is beyond exhausted.

It is said, if you want happiness, surround yourself with happy people...


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