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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Carrefour vs. Carrefour

I like Carrefour - my favorite part is the special offer section - I am used to the one in Deira City Center. I like it cause its huge and the turnover there is so high, freshness of products is always guaranteed.

However, i am not down with the over-congestion of shopper traffic anymore. It actually kills the joy of walking around the isles and makes you want to leave the place as soon as you can.

But that ended a few days back with my discovery of Carrefour Al Mamzar. I heard a lot about the new branch in Century Mall (Its the one in Al Mamzar Area in Dubai, on the edges of Sharja), so I decided to drop by one day.

I have to say, comparing to Deira City Centre, it was a great shopping experience. I went there on a weekday, so parking was not an issue what so ever, but that’s not all. Here is why i liked it over there:

1. Great prices as always
2. I didn't have to queue to price my fruits and veggies
3. I didn't have to queue for a cash register
4. I needed to ask someone about a some type of cheese, the Carrefour clerk was spoteed right away.
5. At the daily produce section (fresh cheese, olives, cold-cuts...etc), the guy was actually giving me cold-cuts advice and handed me several taste samples - he was even smiling!
6. The shopping traffic was just about the right rate and mix! The kind of crowd that doesn’t annoy the hell out when trying to dodge awkwardly parked trolleys or getting trolley rear-ended from behind
7. All the trolleys were new! So you won't have to look for a proper trolley or end up with a cramp in your right arm trying to keep a permanently left-turning moving straight.
8. It will take you 1 minute to get to your car, and another minute to be on the main road! Trying doing that in City Centre :)

I think I will be doing my shopping at the place for a while … I just hope it stays this way.


  • Hey Professore! Are you sure it was Carrefour?
    Wow!It sounds like a housewife's dream come true.(ie mine)
    Though I have to admit parking is not such an issue at Marina Mall,but the staff: and most of their seriously nasty attitude,indifference,or "ITS NOT MY DEPARTMENT",which often leaves me incensed.
    There was a time I did all my shopping there(last 10 years in various parts of UAE as we have moved around)and in Abudhabi almost 5 years.
    But apart from the shoddy service I do not find the prices economical or reasonable any more.
    My 2 trips a week has now whittled down to 1 trip in 2 weeks.
    And everything you said that you didnt find there is SPOT ON for me.

    By Blogger kaya, at October 1, 2005 at 10:28 AM  

  • I agree with you on the prices thing .. a few years back, and if you were a bit picky, you could get away with a loaded trolley for Dhs 200.

    Now, you can barely fill up a shopping basket with the same amount!

    As for the Al Mamazar Carrefour, well it started when me and the Mrs decided to the do the pre-ramadan stock-up early this year, thats why we decided to go there on a mid week day... Frankly speaking, i heard that going there on a weekend could be a parking nightmare .. but show me a place that isn't Dubai these days?

    By Blogger moryarti, at October 1, 2005 at 8:27 PM  

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