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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Tribute to Teta

My wife's grandmother passed away yesterday. We received the sad news through a phone call that we got at 3am Friday morning.

We didn't sleep well since..

I never had the chance to know my wife's grandmother (Teta) - and its eating me up 'cause I heard nothing but how kind and lovable she was.

Teta lived her entire life in Beirut. I first met her about 4 years ago here in Dubai when the Mrs and I were still engaged. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to see her again since then.

We were planning to fly to Beirut this summer, following the anticipated delivery of babygirl this coming February. But God's plans overrule anyone's and we can't do nothing but to accept His wish for that meeting to never taking place.

Teta was a wonderful woman. She was loved by her family and adored by everyone who knew her. She dedicated her entire life to her children and raised them well.

Living through the Lebanese civil war and its atrocities, Teta refused to leave her country and people. She is survived by her sons and daughters who live in UAE, Lebanon and Germany.

Though we are grieved by her demise, there is a painfully comforting feeling of relief to know that she peacefully rested her soul in her daughter's (my mother in law) arms.

May God have mercy on her soul and rest her in his heavenly gardens of Eden. We love you Teta and you will always be in our hearts.

moryarti and wife


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