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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rubber Necks

I can not remember the number of times i was stuck in a traffic jam for a good 30 minutes just to discover that the jam-causing accident is actually on the other side of the road!

This is caused by who are commonly known here as "Rubber Necks". They are morons-on-wheels who automatically slow down at the sight of anything unusual on the side of the road: An accident, a car with flat tire, a police siren flasher, whatever,whenever and where ever.

Not only that, they also make sure they drive at the slowest speed humanly possible, in order "not to miss anything", bringing traffic to a completely-uncalled-for halt.

And since this humble blog ain't a 'whine-&-whinge-only' joint, I would like to propose a practical, cost effective and revenue generating solution to Dubai Police to annihilate this whole 'rubber neck' phenomenon:

1. Get Dubai Police to stage a fake accident on the side of the road
2. Traffic cops in civilian to monitor and record all 'rubber necks', especially ones slowing down the traffic on the other side of the road.
3. Slap each one of them with an "Obstruction of Traffic" and "Driving without paying attention to the road" tickets with a side note of something within the lines of: 'issued due to driver slowing down to observe accident on other side'.

Very simple and effective. With such a program running for 3 - 6 months, rubber necks will be forced to toughen it up a notch and with time, they will ultimately become an extinct species.


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