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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally someone paid attention!

A blogger with multiple aliases has been plaguing UAE's blogsphere for a few years now. Counter to the true nature and spirit of this good land, his posts and his comments were full of hate to anything that is non emarati.

Some people that know him told me that he is a hybrid himself, claiming to be the product of a 3aimi (Persian) father and a German/American mother, has made it a point to ruin everything he touched and gain the spite of everyone he interacted with. He was the last thing any Emarati that I know wants to be.

He started with the alias A blessing in tragedy, in celebration to his self claimed passion for hard rock and heavy metal band. Became known as ABIT, because his username was too friggen long to write.

After getting banned to comment and screened by the majority of active bloggers, he'd change nicks and post as anon. Tech savvy ones would tag his IP and its very easy to know that it was him, who lives in Abu Dhabi btw, that is seeking attention. He then moved to use a new user called ultrablue or something childish like that.

His last post, on a blog that he created, wrongfully called it Al-Emarati and registered via a proxy registry to avoid revealing his real identity adn details, was the last draw to many people.

Though in essence, it was nothing different than anything he usually writes in terms of racism and hate, but this time, his theme was ridicule and mockery to the late passengers of the ill-fated Air India plane crash that claimed the lives of 160 Indians and, most likely impacted thousands others in UAE, India and other places.

I refuse to link or carry some of the racist slur they published on this blog, however, the attention seeking walked into a trap that was set, either intensionally or not, by our all time favorite Gulf News.

The post is now blocked and I can't access his blog anymore as I think it was taken offline after someone that matters did not approve.

I am NOT a fan of this 'blocking business', and I have always advocated freedom of speech and self expression, but this particular individual has abused the space he was given and crossed the lines too many time, standing protected behind the mask of anonymity that he created by himself.

He had made several attacks on me personally, even threated me that "he'd kill me if he saw me" and it wasn't the ..oh-I-am-just-kidding kindda thing. His comments are still there. If i know who he is, I will go the police with the saved emails he sent me and file an official complaint.

His filth and of course, death threats, extended to many UAE bloggers who have been active for the past 5 or six years. He would turn anything, any topic, any post so an 'us vs. them' argument; where he represents the Emaratis as 'us' and 'them' of course, the filthy low life expats that I belong to, according to him on various occasions.

I don't personally think anything will happen to him, like spending time in jail or anything of that sort, and i wouldn't wish it for anything. My bet is that he will, most likely, get a lecture or two on manners.

Oh well..