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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anger Managment

2 things before you read on: (1) I've had this MSN conversation (below) several times before. (2) this has been in the DRAFTS section for some time..

friend: I've checked your blog today, i was disappointed
me: sorry about that
me: why, if I may ask?
friend: You didn't mention anything about whats happening in Lebanon. You don't mention anything about whats going on in Gaza and nothing about Iraq. Don't you know that hundreds are dying?
friend: I was looking forward for your thoughts on whats happening.
friend: you drive us nuts with your political theorl mambo
me: come on dude
me: you know me better than that
friend: i do enjoy what you post about, but it looks like you don't give a damn about whats happening out there .. sorry for being so blunt
me: don't worry about it
friend: why don't you post about politics?
friend: you are such a chicken shit
me: f*ck you :)
friend: you don;t want to get in trouble with the government
me: man listen, i am pretty fucking annoyed. I am mad at everyone and everybody. This whole situation is just idiotic. me: i had a quick scan of blogs today and last night - ilottsa hate and the anger.

me: Its those psudo political couch-analysits who have nothing to do but sit on their asses to report the wackiest most iddoatic theories about whats happenig.. whats behind the scenes and what will or should happen bla bla
me: you know what pisses the hell out me? is that those posts attract the most sick, racist and twisted comments and just can't help it, they make my blood boil
me: the last thing i need is this blog to become a venue for those sick characters to spread their idiocy and slur...
friend: so you want everyone to agree with your views? it doesn't work like that... people are different and they will never agree to the same things and everyone has the right to say what they want
me: i know man...

me: look i gtg
friend: (insert CHICKEN emoticon here)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane's Head

For all those who are wondering what went thru Zidane's head for it to act the way it did, check out KABOBfest's blog here along with the stories here and here.

If those stories turn out to be true ... whats gonna happen? Boycott panninis, pizzas, pesto sauce and pasta?!

FIFA Fever is over, thank God!

No more football related ads, football related promotions, football related special offers... football this, football that - Thanks to Fifa fanatic football marketing ...err.."gurus", it seemed that everything we do in our daily lives can somehow be related or attributed to football.

I hardly watched any games this round. I only saw two to be specific, they were horrible and I only saw them because I happened to be in a place that had ART. During the final game tonight, I was crossing the Gulf flying at 30,000 ft on my way to Kuwait. No ART there.

No offence Mr. Sholmz, and with all respect to the winning teams, but from what i heard, read and saw, sounds like this Mondial was pretty disappointing! :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

The "Khawaga" Complex

At a business event during a 10-minutes coffee break

Big Boss: Hey Mory, could you call the guests to get back to the halls? We are about to resume our session

I started to roam around the room telling everyone to get back to the hall. All but few scattered guests stayed behind. The ones I can tell are in serious business discussions, I usually leave

One group attracted my attention. A bunch of 4 to 5 lower-mid management staff yapping away. No mega business deals taking place, only smoking and nibbling on free F&B.

Me: Excuse me gentlemen, we are about to start the session.
Lower-mid management staff : Yes ... we'll just finish the cigarettes

5 mins later

Me: er...gentlemen, session started … if could kindly go back in.
LMMS: Yeah yeah .. in a minute. (they start a fresh round of smokes)

5 more minutes go by and I decided to send my blond, blue eyed male Khawaga friend who has an extremely strong English accent..

Khawaga friend: Guys ..
LMMS: (putting down cigarettes, cups, plates and rushing back to the hall)

Who is the boss?

Don't know if you remember this, but I’ve been doing 2 jobs for the past 2 to 3 months. Mine and the one my old boss had after she decided to walk out.

Things were good at work during that period, not because I am a kick-ass manager, but I think my lassie-fair approach paid off. Letting everyone in the team do what they do best.

Anyhoo, the new manager joined this week and I had a long 4hr handover session with him. All the INs and OUTs, the team he will be working with, budgets, objectives, head office politics ... bla bla bla. He said that he will rely on me for sometime till things are running smoothly, which is expected and I also think its pretty decent opportunity to show the new guy that I gotz skiiillz.

The new guy looks cool. He is decent, down to earth and when it comes to the business, he sure knows what he is talking about. He has young kids, and like myself, loves fast bikes and muscle cars. Oh, i also found out that the new car I got few months back is his dream car. (more brownie points for me i guess ;) )

Most of the team members are relatively young and I am closer to the new manager's age group than anyone else. So, I guess we have more common stuff to talk about than anyone else.

But here is the twist: because I was spending extra time with the new guy, I am starting to think that the rest of the team are getting a bit iffy about it. I don't know what you call it; professional jealousy, corporate envy ... whatever it is, its damn annoying.

What the team doesn't know is that most of what he was talking about was actually them; their problems, their aspirations and how can he help them grow and be happier.

Lets hope its just a phase...