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Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't Do it Dunkin

I hate it when corporate America succumbs every time a xenophobic Noe-conservative right wing wackjob squeaks.

It started early this week when TV show host Rachel Ray appeared in a Dunkin' Donuts TV ad, wearing a silk scarf that looks like an Arab koffeiya.

Michelle Malkin, a crazy nutcase who's runs here own blog website that is blocked here in the UAE (no surprise there!), commenced a fierce barrage bashing Ray's attire and going to the extend of calling to boycott the doughnut company.

‘‘The keffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad,’’ Malkin yowled in her column. Sadly, Dunkin' Donuts pulled out the ads.

Well guess what you ignorant moronic whore, 1. For Arabs, especially in GCC area, wearing the Keffieyah (also known as Ghotra) is formal wear. Just like wearing suits for Europeans and Westerners. And 2. The Keffiyeh has been a fashion high street accessory item for some time now.

I don't know which hole were you hiding at all this time, but I hope you crawl back right into it and spare humanity your nonsense drivel.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Airline?

Yesterday, while anxiously waiting to get out of Algeria, I was sniffing for any free hotspots at the airport.

Checkout the networks I found – the highlighted one in particular :)

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Sorry for being MIA agian

But I was kindda travelling a bit this week..

Saturday - Paris
Sunday - Dubai
Monday - Cairo
Tuesady - Algeria
Wednesday - Dubai

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

La capitale de l'amour

Yup .. thats what they call Paris and today I witnessed it all: front row seats.

Couples sitting down all along the banks of the Seine River. Guys and girls, guys next to girls, guys on girls, girls on guys, girls on girls, guys on guys... OK I should stop here

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Translation of Solicitation

I got an email today from someone outside the region asking hte contact of one of our customers.

In an ideal world, it is not ethical and even legal, to disclose anybody's contact details, let alone, a customer's.

So, i emailed him back asking him exactly what he is looking for. And he confirmed it. He wasn't the name/numbers of one of our customers so that he can offer his services to them.

His English wasn't that great. So i gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and thought it could be a another case of "lost in translation". So I called him.

After the hellos and introductions bla bla, we had the following conversation:

- So, sir. Just to get you right. Emailed me to provide you with the contacts of a company that is our customer. Is that accurate?
- Yes. We want to make business with them. Please send me name, email, telephone number.
- Ummm, Sir. That might be difficult to do. Because they are our customer, we have to protect their privacy. Have you tried contacting them directly?
- WHAT? This is Open market. I contact anyone I want. You say I am dishonest?
- huh?.. no.. I meant that if you go to their website, you can ..
- I will never ask anything from your combany. I will rebort to your hed offeese in amerika. *Click*

I have no clue why he flipped on me like that! Not only that, the muthafriggendouchbag hung up in my face. It wasn’t enough for him to be a total idiot for even making such an obscene request, the moron actually asked it in writing on email - that he wants to solicit our customer information for his business use.

Anyhow, I called our legal guys (who are the coolest people in our company btw), they told me: If he calls you again, tell him to kiss your @$$ :)

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Things can get too cocky in Al Ain

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Messages in the sky

I just read this story about a man who developed a machine that makes clouds (or what could be perceived as clouds) in specific custom made shapes.

Can anyone tell me how to contact this guy? 'cause there is a specific shape I wish to send to all those currently causing trouble in Beirut.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cross Communications

I was dealing remotely with a colleague in another office outside the UAE. Other colleagues warned me that people from that particular branch office are very full of themselves. And she was no exception.

I never met the lady in person. Only on email and conference calls. She was very opinionated and always wanted to have the final word on every step of the project. She would send long flaming mails, bossing everyone around and always tried to undermine everyone, especially yours truly.

But her attempts kept getting blocked because I kinda outranked her. But she never gave up, even when met in person for the first time:

Me (with a genuine smile): Hello, its Mory from the Dubai office. We finally meet in person
Her (with a demeaning look): Hi. I didn't think you are THAT young...
Me: Oh... and I didn't think you were THAT old.

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