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Friday, May 26, 2006

On Rent Committee again ...

Here is an interesting story.

A friend of a friend has been a tenant in a villa for the past many years or so. Naturally, the landlord has been hiking his rent every year. However, the landlord's ambitious plans for quick riches were a bit slowed down by the 15% annual cap on rents that was introduced about a year ago.

You see, if you are an existing tenant; according to the relatively new law- landlords can only add 15% rent increase per year.

Upon contract renewal this year, the landlord sent a letter to our tenant asking him to vacate the premises in 1 month because he is renting it to his brother.

According to Dubai Municipality’s rent committee, if a landlord presents proof that he is renting his property to a first kin relative (brother, sister ..etc), the existing tenant should vacate in 1 month.

However, our tenant knows that that’s not that case. He knows that because it’s becoming the latest property scam in Dubai landlord’s dirty book of tricks.

The greedy landlord wants to get our tenant out of his house so that he can increases the rent beyond the legal 15%. The landlord doesn’t care who is staying as long as they are paying. Regardless to how many lives his greed will ruin along the way, he wants more money.

So, my friend goes to Dubai Municipality and talks to the rent committee. He tells them the story about his landlord’s ulterior motives. The rent committee representative called the landlord on the phone, who the latter told them that he is giving away his villa to his brother and he has documents to prove it. (whatever)

When the committee representative asked for proof of my friend’s allegations, my friend asked him if he can borrow his mobile to make a quick call.

My friend dials the landlord’s number, hands over the phone to another person which the landlord does NOT know and this conversation took place:

Caller: Hello, i am looking for a villa - do you have anything available?
Landlord: Yes I have one
Caller: how much?
Landlord: 120 K
Caller: What’s the location?

The landlord gives the address of my friends villa; right under the ears and nose of the landlord committee representative.

My friend's sensation of victory lasted for 30 seconds only when the landlord rep told him that, in spite of the decisive evidence, the rent committee can't do anything about it.

My friend is still looking for another house.

Certainly Scandalous

I was told that recently, a certain embassy of a certain super power nation is asking veiled Muslim women applying for visit visa to provide pictures of themselves without the headscarf as part of its national homeland security policy crap.

One message goes from me to that administration:


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wind of Telco Change

It is not only a face lift - it is a major corporate overhaul.

The company's new slogan is centered around the word "Reach" or "Tawasal" in Arabic. This shift represents a new phase in the company's history along with a new culture that Etisalat is desperately trying to implant within itself that is centered around major themes such as Regional/Global Reach, Service Richness, Openness and Customer Experience. (yawn)

From a creative POV, its obvious that Etisalat is trying to create an overwhelming semi-heart shaped 3d organic green customer friendly look 'n feel. Yet, they still want to maintain their enterprise presence with the use of corporate gray in the Arabic/English text.

Needless to say, its about friggin time ...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I did something wrong yesterday

Since babygirl arrived, we have been spending more days at home. Yesterday was an exception. Mother-in-law asked to have babygirl for the afternoon. We thought that would be a great chance to grab an early movie.

Arrived to Grand Ciniplex at around 4:30 pm and the typically busy parking lot was almost empty. I drive into the lot behind a silver Prado. Suddenly the Prado driver slows down and decides to make a very inconvenient maneuver to squeeze his SUV in a space that can barely fit a Mini Cooper.

The secret to his persistence is that the tiny parking space was on the front raw parking opposite to the entrance.

Anyhow, I overtook the Prado and parked a few feet away and observed the Prado diver trying, trying and trying to finaly give up on that tiny space. He found another one and we watched in shock as he literally scratched his way into the other parking space and redecorated the left back fender of a brand new Land Cruiser.

Where did I go wrong? I should've photographed the thing and reported that moron-on-wheels to the police or even left a note to the unfortunate Land Cruiser's owner.

But I didn't and I am so sorry...

More Dubai Construction Nonsense

There is a construction site that lies between UP Tower (Cosmo cafe) and Capricorn Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road. Rumor has it is that the owner of that construction site has plans to make his new high-rise residential building-to-be a full replica of London's Big Ben; with the 4-way clock and everything.

Word on the street is that Dubai municipality is doing anything to stop this tacky plan from taking place. But the building owner is insisting on going ahead with his plans. He even got a paper from West Minister (some London official bureau) saying that they don't mind him making a replica of Big Ben in Dubai.

Good God what's next?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back in Business

It has been a rough couple of weeks ... will tell you all about it soon. For all those who emailed me thanks for asking, yes I am still alive and kicking and I missed you too ..

Friday, May 12, 2006

For personal reasons

The blog is shutting down for a few days..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pushing the Envelope

I know that event organizers do their best to attract quality trade visitors and keep those pesky advertising sales executives and annoying marketing assistants as far away as possible.

But don't you think this particular event organizer is taking it a bit too far?